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Find out what your past employer will say about you to a potential employer. Will your job references help or hurt your career?
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Find out what a potential employer can learn about you. Will it cost you the job offer? Criminal, driving & many more reports.
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1. Select the Right People for Job References

Considering your job references may cement or kill a great job opportunity, compiling the right list by reference checking is critical during a job search. When preparing this list of professional job references, put yourself in the shoes of a perspective employer. In these paranoid times, with liability laws suits and other legal actions commonplace, companies must protect themselves through accurate reference checking and will only hire upstanding, trouble-free, and competent people.

At a minimum, you must select job references that will be open to confirming your employment, title, and reason for leaving the organization. During the reference checking process, they also could be asked other questions about you, including your level of responsibility and performance. In addition to peers, you should also consider including people to whom you reported in your list of job references. Even if they are not on your job references list, they are likely to be contacted by a prospective employer during reference checking. Make sure the information on your resume is accurate and your job references know prospective employers will be calling them about you.

Willing to confirm employment, title and reason for departure, eligibility for rehire?

Will they make an emotional statement not consistent with company policy? Over 50% of our clients receive a mediocre to bad job reference.

Are they willing to confirm your level of responsibility and performance.

Consider including management as well as peers.

Verify accuracy of resume before submitting.

Inform job references of prospective employers who may call.


Actual Quote from Former Employers:

Written Communications: "You mean when she finally turned in the reports due a week earlier?"




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