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3. Building Your Job Reference List

Start by listing all of your prospective professional job references. Begin with the person(s) who will be able to provide the greatest insights on your abilities relevant to the position being sought or where you want your career to go. Make sure you gather all of the contact information for your job references, including name, title, company, address, telephone number, fax number and e-mail address. Other individuals who should be considered as a professional job reference include colleagues, subordinates, clients, suppliers, pro bono clients and volunteer committees.

Actual Quote from Former Employers obtained while Checking References:

Is this person eligible for re-hire?

"No, it was the departure – kind of burned his bridges when he left."

Once your initial job reference list is together, narrow it down to those people you think will be most willing to provide a favorable report when a prospective employer is checking references. Emphasis should be placed on people who have carefully observed your job performance. They need to have seen you in action, hopefully performing well in both ideal and adverse conditions. A typical list of job references should include 5-10 names, depending on your experience.

Your reference list should match your resume. If you have used a professional resume writer, have them add this valuable page for the same look and feel. Take it with you to an interview, but do not offer this valuable resource until it is requested.

Actual Quote from Former Employers obtained while Checking References:

Regarding strengths and weaknesses: "I’m sure there must be some strengths but nothing jumps out at me."




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