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4. Don’t Rely on Relatives

It is not a good idea to add relative to your list of job references. Do you really want your uncle to regale a prospective employer about your antics as a youth? Probably not. Stick to people who know you on a professional basis. When compiling a list of previous employment job references, try to look at it from the prospective employer's shoes. First, when choosing job references, you need responsive people that can confirm that you worked there, your title, reason for separation and other basics. Additionally, on your job references list, you want people who can vouch for your level of responsibility and performance. Learn what our job reference checking service can do for you. Following the advice of our job reference experts can give you the added boost needed to take your career to the next step! 

Actual Quote from Former Employers obtained during Job Reference Checking:

Short Term Planning: "Lousy, can’t remember something that was completed on time!"





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