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Job Reference Advice - Nuturing Professional Job References


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5. Nurturing Your Professional Job References

You should meet with all your references in-person, if possible, to ask them to be a professional job reference. At the very least, call them or send a note stating you are job hunting and want to use them as a job reference. Share your resume and work portfolio with your job references, which will help remind them of your accomplishments when you worked together. In addition to these highlights, discuss the position you are interviewing for, including the qualities the company is seeking in the person who will fill the position. Give them the impression that their job reference is critical to your obtaining the job.

Stay in touch with your professional job references over the telephone, coffee or lunch. Keep your job references updated about the progress of your job search and make sure you have their up-to-date contact information. It does not look good when a job reference’s name or title has changed, or if they have left the company where you said they work.

Refresh the memory of your professional job references about the position you held when working with them. Make sure to cover past responsibilities and highlight the solid results you provided the company. Go over what each of your job references may say in response to questions regarding your strengths and weaknesses. It is in your best interest to not take their thoughts too personal and stay upbeat. You may also want to visit the human resources department, if one exists, to verify all information in your personnel file is accurate.

Actual Quote from Former Employers:

Is there anyone else we should speak to regarding this former employee?

"They’re going to say the same thing I did."

Actual Quote from Former Employers:

We are calling as I have you down as a reference regarding ------ ------.

"I do not care to comment at all. I let him go and that’s all I care to say!"




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