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6. Make Sure Your Job Reference Records are Correct

Occasionally an interviewee looks bad because the human resources department of a former employer does not have the same job date and title information as listed on a person’s job reference list.

Keep your job references updated about the progress of your job search and make sure you have their up-to-date contact information. It does not look good during a job reference check when a reference’s name or title has changed, or if they have left the company where you said they work.

Data entry errors or lax updating are not unusual, so check with the human resources department to ensure its records correspond to your job reference list.

Check your Ego at the Door

Stay upbeat

Don’t take negative comments too personal

Provide updates on what you are doing

Express how added experience is helping turn past weaknesses into new strengths

o Acknowledging weaknesses often leads people to think you are open-minded and that you strive to grow professionally

When it appears a company may make you a job offer, let your job references know what who you are interviewing with and that you will be using them as a job reference. By doing so, they should recognize the company when someone calls for a job reference check and feel more comfortable giving out information about you, or return a call in a more timely fashion.

Actual Quote from Former Employers:

Is this person eligible for re-hire?

"No, but I can’t say why."

Actual Quote from Former Employers:

Could you fully describe the circumstances and reason for the separation?

"She was let go – she didn’t do her part as expected."

Interpersonal Relations: "He’s not the type to go knock on doors and talk with people."




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