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Find out what your past employer will say about you to a potential employer. Will your job references help or hurt your career?
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Find out what a potential employer can learn about you. Will it cost you the job offer? Criminal, driving & many more reports.
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Allison & Taylor Reference Checking Services, Inc. - Company Profile

Allison & Taylor Reference Checking Services, Inc. and its principals have been offering reference checking services since 1984. We have successfully built our brand and reference checking company recognition. Allison & Taylor Reference Checking Services, Inc. is listed and recommended in best selling books authored by Martin Yate,, including:

“Hiring the Best: A Manager's Guide to Effective Interviewing” and “Knock 'em Dead 2005: The Ultimate Job Seekers Guide (Knock 'em Dead).” In addition, numerous articles have been published about Allison & Taylor Reference Checking Services, Inc. in newspapers and magazines including Glamour, New Woman, Worth, The Wall Street Journal, Detroit News, and St. Petersburg Times.

Allison & Taylor Reference Checking Company is headquartered in Rochester, Michigan. We have a sound management team and an exceptionally well trained and motivated staff of loyal professionals committed to performing reference checking services at the highest level.




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