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Frequently Asked Questions About Checking References


In today's competitive job market former job references can make or break your career. One of the most common reasons job seekers are rejected for positions today is due to bad job references from their former employer.

Checking references will help you find out exactly what your former boss is saying about YOU.  Allison & Taylor reference checking service will check your references and give the results back to YOU.

Checking references before applying for a new job is very important in today's job market. Many factors may hinder your career goals, age discrimination, bad mouthing, sexual harassment, and wrongful termination. Overall, negative remarks will most likely damage your credibility with potential employers. One of the most common reasons highly qualified job applicants are turned down for a new positions are because he or she received a bad job reference from their former employer(s).  Checking references can give you the knowledge you need to advance your career.

For more information about checking references, check out our frequently asked questions below.

1. If my job references are bad, what can I do?

2. Is legal action possible and will you testify in court regarding the references you obtain as you check my references?

3. I am looking into filing a defamation or wrongful termination suit against my former employer. I don't know what to do. How do I go about it?

4. Will my job references know that I am having you check my references? 

5. What if my former employer requires a release form?

6. What if I am still working and wish to check my references from my current employer?

7. What exactly will Allison & Taylor provide while checking references for me?

8. Isn't it illegal to ask about things other than title and dates of employment as you check my references?

9. Can I have additional or specific questions asked of my job references?

10. Who should I list as a job reference?

11. What if my employer does not return your calls?

12. What is the exact process used to check my references?

13. What if my former employer does not return your calls?

14. What if my job reference no longer works for my previous company?



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