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1. If my job references are bad, what can I do?

A bad reference can be strategically dealt with depending on what is actually being said and to what degree things are explained. You need to first determine what is being said before you can develop an appropriate strategy. Depending on what the research reveals about the bad reference as well as the laws within your state, you may be able to take legal action. We suggest taking our job reference checking report to an employment attorney for proper legal advice regarding your bad reference. Allison & Taylor, Inc. will be available to supply our research evidence of the bad reference and to testify in support of your situation should the need arise. Although we will not make a referral to a specific attorney, we do suggest finding one through NELA - the National Employment Lawyers Association. Their web address is
Additionally, very good legal advice and information regarding a bad reference and your rights can be accessed at US Law Books.

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