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Find out what your past employer will say about you to a potential employer. Will your job references help or hurt your career?
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Find out what a potential employer can learn about you. Will it cost you the job offer? Criminal, driving & many more reports.
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11. What if my former employer does not return your calls?


Sometimes job reference checking may not bring any results. After 6 calls to your employer if they do not return the call, it is our opinion that we must discontinue the job reference checking process and close your order as not to look suspicious or unnatural to your caller. The last thing you would want would be that your job reference believes a potential employer or you are harassing them.

Please look at this situation as a potential employer would; obviously this job reference does not care to respond, thus implying, that they do not want to give you a good job reference.

The mere fact that they are not returning the job reference checking call does imply that they do not wish to discuss your previous employment. This is your answer about what your former employer will say about you.

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