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12. What is your exact reference checking process? Please see sample of job reference checking process.


Our reference checking process is outlined below and calls have been made accordingly. We are working diligently to close this case as we know you are anxious for your job reference report. Plus, we strive to make this a seamless situation to ensure your job reference does not become suspicious. Thank you for your patience with the reference checking process.

Our system automatically updates reference checking cases which are active and have been called.

Your job reference has been called either yesterday or today, or both according to our VIP level process.
Please see below:

Phase I - Caller ID Blocked
This call is made 8 times over the course of your reference checking case.
We call with caller I.D. blocked anticipating your job reference would answer the telephone personally. If they do not personally answer their telephone we do not leave a message at this point.

Phase II – Caller ID Open
This type of reference checking call is made 2 times over the course of your case.
We call and leave a voice mail to please return our call as we are trying to verify previous employment, (we do not share your name at this point). Depending on your job reference, we may request an appointment time to speak with them. Phase III begins only if we do not connect during Phase II.

Phase III – Message Left with Your Name and request for verification of Employment
After 10 attempts to reach your job reference, we do begin to leave messages that this call is regarding previous employment for a particular candidate and we do leave your name. We will only make 2 reference checking calls leaving your name as it makes this look like an unnatural situation.

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