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Find out what your past employer will say about you to a potential employer. Will your job references help or hurt your career?
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Find out what a potential employer can learn about you. Will it cost you the job offer? Criminal, driving & many more reports.
Personal Background Check; Criminal, Driving - Checking Job References

3. I am looking into filing a defamation or wrongful termination suit against my former employer. I don't know what to do. How do I go about it?


First you need some type of proof of wrongful termination. Our documented references will provide you with exactly what your former employer will say about you to a 3rd. party. After you obtain proof of wrongful termination then you should find an attorney. We are familiar with; these attorneys specialize in employment law and will help you file wrongful termination suit. Allison & Taylor, Inc. are frequently asked to give depositions and to testify in wrongful termination cases regarding the documented references we provide to our clients.

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