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Find out what your past employer will say about you to a potential employer. Will your job references help or hurt your career?
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Find out what a potential employer can learn about you. Will it cost you the job offer? Criminal, driving & many more reports.
Personal Background Check; Criminal, Driving - Checking Job References

7. What exactly will Allison & Taylor provide with a reference check?


We will perform a reference check and provide you with a report on your job reference. You are able to log in to our system during the process to see the progress on your reference check and ultimately view and print the report. Your job reference report will stay active in our system for 3 months. After 3 months you may pay a fee of $9.99 to keep your job reference file in our reference bank for an additional year from the initial reference check.

If your job reference is poor to bad and you seek legal counsel, we will work with your attorney about your case. We have been asked to give numerous depositions on and have testified about our reference check cases in courts. Any legal assistance is billed generally to your attorney at fees of $150.00 per hour for our assistance.

We are not able to give legal advice on job references as laws vary state by state. If you have specific job reference questions, we urge you to seek legal counsel. A good resource is

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